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Our Story

The Chleo Difference

Chleo is a family owned business, with over 40 years’ experience as Ireland and Northern Ireland’s premiere cosmetic supplier. It is our profound passion for beauty that drives us, and we truly love what we do.

At Chleo, we take great care in selecting the brands we represent, ensuring that each product meets our stringent quality standards. Our meticulous approach guarantees that businesses can confidently offer their customers only the finest beauty products available. With our long-standing dedication to the industry and genuine love for our craft, we are committed to enriching every client’s beauty journey by empowering them with superior products and knowledgeable support.

A Story Generations in the Making

Founded by Katharine Hurley in 1984, Chleo is now proudly co-managed by her children, Richard and Nicola. This rich family history has gifted Richard and Nicola with an innate understanding of the beauty industry, one that they are delighted to share with their clients today.


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A Word from our Founder

“I have often been asked what makes Chleo so successful. My answer is that we have built a very loyal relationship with our Customers based on trust and, we only work with the best Professional Companies, who in turn, we can trust to look after us in an ever-changing market. I know Nicola and Richard will continue to do whatever it takes to provide our Customers with the best of products and the best of service.”

– Katharine Hurley

Our Brands

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Driven by individuality, inspiration, and a profound appreciation for the art of makeup, ARTDECO creates products that foster a love for beauty and aim to boost self-confidence.

A family-run company headquartered near Munich, ARTDECO has become an undisputed market leader in the German retail trade and their products are loved in more than 65 countries.

Their brand mission since launching over 40 years ago has been to create makeup that helps people look and feel their best.

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dmk about us (model)


As an award-winning professional skincare brand, DMK believes that the origin of most skin conditions is a result of disharmony within the skin.

Using the principles of biochemistry, DMK has formulated a range of treatments and products designed to educate the skin so that it functions in a youthful and healthy way.

Their innovative skincare line features paramedical products formulated from powerful botanical ingredients for truly impressive results.

DMK’s revolutionary philosophy of REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN, customises skin therapy to suit an individual’s unique biochemistry.

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Since 1946, Sothys has epitomised French excellence in professional beauty treatments for the world’s most elite beauty institutes and spas. Sothys combines revolutionary technology with exceptional sensory experiences for transformative results.

The brand’s development has been fueled by its commitment to authenticity while introducing new solutions in the ever-evolving beauty industry. Each innovation embraces the concept of responsible beauty, prioritising both skin health and environmental sustainability.

With a presence in 120 countries, Sothys takes an exclusively professional approach, delivered by highly trained beauty therapists skilled in the brand’s unique treatments and techniques.

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perron rigot euroblonde (brand image)


Perron Rigot is a distinguished French producer of depilatory wax, trusted by beauticians and salons worldwide. Their range of quality waxes is at the cornerstone of the brand’s offering. Made with natural ingredients, Perron Rigot’s waxes respect the skin and serve as a preparatory step for numerous other treatments.

Mastering the art of waxing requires dedication and expertise along with top-tier product formulations. Beauty professionals who use Perron Rigot benefit from:

  • A comprehensive range of depilatory waxes, from traditional to innovative varieties, with or without strips, tailored for all areas of the body.
  • A curated selection of waxing equipment, accessories, and pre- and post-treatment care products to ensure a seamless waxing experience.
  • A diverse array of facial and body beauty treatments, consumables, and cabin equipment to suit the diverse needs and preferences of clients.

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