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Discover Your Summer Love Story With Misslyn

The latest Misslyn collection SUMMER LOVE STORY is the ideal travel companion. Whether it’s Paris, Miami or Tokyo, with Misslyn products, you can even achieve the perfect style on the go!

The ALL IN ONE TEINT PALETTE Travel Kit guarantees a flawless complexion. Consisting of a bronzing powder, a highlighter, a blusher and a fixing powder, the sweet palette is in the form of a booklet and has an internal mirror. With these four must-haves, you can even achieve the perfect style on the


Use the bronzing powder to give the skin a natural-looking tan and create the ultimate holiday look. The matte powder can also be used for contouring, giving the face more depth and dimension. The highlighter conjures up a seductive glow. The blusher gives fresh colour and makes the complexion look relaxed. The fixing powder perfectly adapts to the appearance of the skin, mattes shiny areas and provides a good hold for the make-up. The tones are ideally matched to each other and can be perfectly combined.

The ALL IN ONE TEINT PALETTE Travel Kit is available in two different shades, “GLOBETROTTER” no. 1 and “JETSETTER” no. 2.

The new LOVELY BEAUTY BRUSH is not only a visual highlight, it’s also a true all-round talent! With the brush in a sweetheart design, powder, cream and liquid textures can be effortlessly applied and blended out. The universal make-up brush impresses with contour and bronzing powder as well as with creamy and liquid highlighter, compact powder, blusher and foundation. The high-quality synthetic hairs can be easily cleaned with mild soap and lukewarm water. The brush is available in “Pink” no. 1 and “Rosa” no. 2.

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