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Lip Plumping

The new ARTDECO Shine "Lip Plumping" collection offers the ideal products to skilfully set the scene for the lips. Whether voluminous or shiny now is the best time to put the focus on the lips. Modern textures and intense colours make beauty hearts beat faster.



Lip Plumping Fluid

Enjoy immediately nourished and fuller looking lips with the new vegan Plumping Lip Fluid. Its optical lifting effect smoothes the lips and fills them in. The lanolin-free formula with a delicate vanilla scent combines fresh color with wet-look shine. Modified Red Pepper extract provides maximum volume and a plumped, glossy finish.

RRP £12.70

The ARTDECO Shine collection includes six shades that conjure seductive lips: "Rosy Sunshine" N10, a soft rose: "Gleaming rose" N16 an antique pink: "Glossy Nude" N21, a subtle nude shade; "Goddess" N 28 a rosewood nuance: "Juicy Berry" N35 a pink berry shade; and "Fiery Red" N43 a bright red.

mineral lip styler

Mineral Lip Styler

Take your lip routine to the next level with the Mineral lip styler. It has a retractable tip and is long lasting. It contains precious minerals and includes a sharpener. We have two new shades in the collection N21 "Naked Truth" & No 7 "Mineral Red Boho" which perfectly matches Lip Plumping Fluid No43 "Fiery Red".

RRP £10.20

lip plumping

Plumping lip fluid N21 "Glossy Nude" perfectly matches the Mineral Lip Styler N21 "Naked Truth". Pro tip to create a fuller lip choose a lip liner in natural skin tone and apply it just before the contour and blending it outwards.

As you know statement Full Lips are set to be bolder than ever this year. Give your customers the full looking lips they have been longing for with the Plumping Lip Fluid without spending hundreds of € on fillers. Whether voluminous or shiny now is the best time to put the focus on the lips.

For long enough we've admired the pillowy lips of Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Bieber from a distance now it's time for your customers to perfect their pout with ARTDECO Lip Plumping collection. With wedding season around the corner now is the perfect time for customers to invest in a new lip product.

ARTDECO'S Shine "Lip Plumping" collection will be available to purchase from pharmacy's and selected salons nationwide and online on

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