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Resurface2 With Diego Dalla Palma


The new era of skin renewal treatments. RESURFACE2 is an innovative, calibrated and precise dermal regeneration procedure that achieves certified, professional and noticeably visible results, with no unpleasant side effects or marked inflammatory processes. Enriched with REVIVYL™, rigorous use, safety and effectiveness tests are conducted at the Dermatological Clinic of the University of Naples Federico II.


Visibly reduce wrinkles, acne scars, imperfections and uneven complexion, while respecting the delicate balance of the skin.


RESURFACE2 proposes 3 incremental intensity packages that specifically address different types of skin blemishes:

RESURFACE2 Fresh UP: initial treatment consisting of two sessions for clients experiencing loss of

radiance and an uneven complexion. It prepares the skin for subsequent and specific exfoliating treatments.

RESURFACE2 proAGE: a specific treatment designed to combat wrinkles and visible signs of aging.

RESURFACE2 proAGE comprises two steps:

2 medium intensity sessions

2 high intensity sessions

RESURFACE2 skinREFINE: targeted treatment specifically designed to combat skin discolouration, the after-effects of juvenile acne, acne scars and uneven skin texture.

RESURFACE2 skinREFINE comprises two steps:

2 medium intensity sessions

2 high intensity sessions

The package has been designed to achieve gradual and incremental results as you progress through the sessions. The package comprises 2 freshUP sessions + 2 medium intensity proAGE/skinREFINE sessions + 2 high intensity proAGE/skinREFINE sessions.

DURATION: about 30 minutes.

FREQUENCY: once a week.

Launching in March 2019, contact your Chleo Enterprises representative for more information or contact Chleo Enterprises directly on 01 4080820 (IRE) /028 906 17403 (UK) or by email: .

About Diego Dalla Palma:

The dermocosmetics are the result of the latest research and innovation in the fields of dermatology and molecular biology. This skincare is truly effective, amazing quality and provides visible results which are even more rapid thanks to the cabin rituals of reharmonization. Premature ageing and skin imperfections are due to a change in cellular communication which causes poor functioning of the activity of all the skin's structures. The objective of Diego Dalla Palma professional - RVB Skinlab is to detoxify, balance the metabolism, stimulate cellular dynamsation, vitality and longevity, thanks to the 51 +3 Hyalu Complex, an exclusive RVB Skinlab registered trademark, with a multi-active bio-revitalizing action. It reintegrates the optimal level of vital elements essential for cellular communication and fights skin's imperfections on several levels. The result is rebalanced and intensely regenerated skin.