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8 Tips For Clients Pre & Post Waxing

Waxing can be a nerve-racking experience for clients, particularly if it is their first time. With this in mind, we have put together some of our top tips that may be useful to share with clients before waxing. We love hearing your tips so please share with us and we will be delighted to share with full credit.

Pre Waxing

  1. Avoid lotions and potions!

Avoid using body sprays, deodorants, self-tan or any topical creams that may not be designed especially for pre-waxing.

  1. Allow hair growth

Allow a minimum of 2-3 weeks or hair growth the size of a grain of rice if you have been shaving before your treatment.

  1. Keep cool and carry on!

Avoid sunbeds, hot tubs, Jacuzzis or the sauna before your appointment

  1. Exfoliation Station

24 hours before the appointment, exfoliate the area gently to remove dead skin cells and allow a cleaner wax

  1. Comfy Clothing

Wear comfortable clothing to prevent irritation after waxing so your clothes do not rub against your affected area

Recommended pre-wax product:

Blue Cleansing Lotion – an organic cornflower water base with anti-bacterial and detoxing properties, enriched with 'dragon's blood'. Low alcohol content and allergen-free scent. Also ideal for all areas and skin types, including sensitive skin.

After Wax

  1. Sensitivity

Sensitive skin can be experienced for 24 – 48 hours after waxing, using a cool compress can soothe the skin if irritated.

  1. Avoid the burn

For 48 hours after treatment, it is recommended to avoid tanning, sunbathing, hot baths & tubs or saunas. This is due to a dead layer of skin cells being removed during waxing and exposing to heat and sun can cause the skin to burn.

  1. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

48 hours after treatment, it is highly recommended to exfoliate daily to avoid ingrown hairs.

Recommended post wax product:

Jasmine Oil – a stimulating and softening oil which can be used before and after waxing treatments. An ideal product that can also be used for massage also

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