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Perron Rigot Skincare

Discover the new look of our Perron Rigot retail range! These products are specially formulated to fight ingrown hairs and slow hair regrowth.

With new formulations and products plus gorgeous packaging, this range offers a brilliant opportunity for retail sales.

24H Freshness Deodorant

This deodorant dries quickly so as not to mark clothes and has 24 hours freshness efficiency.

76% of volunteers found that they had slower hair regrowth when using the deodorant daily!

96% of its ingredients are of natural origin with active ingredients including extracts of Gymnena Leaves which is a growth inhibitor.

Double Scrub

With active ingredients including a complex of essential oils of lemon and lavender plus 79% natural origin ingredients.

87% of volunteers observed the disappearance of ingrown hairs using this product!

Designed to eliminate dead cells, refine skin texture and purify the pores.

Ingrown Hair Care Serum

With 91% of natural origin ingredients with concentrate of exfoliating and soothing active ingredients such as Papaya & Badiane extracts.

Purifies the skin and eliminates the dead cells thus avoiding the obstruction of the pores responsible for the appearance of ingrown hairs.

This serum can be used for face and body and can be used daily to prevent or slow the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Hair Minimising Serum

73% of volunteers report a visibly decreased rate of (underarm) hair regrowth after 56 days of use when applied daily.

With active ingredients such as complex of 5 essential oils: Lemon, Lavender, Chamomile, Verbena and Coriander, this fresh feeling gel will leave skin visibly softer and smoother.

Hair Minimising Body Lotion

Perfect for daily application, this Body Lotion contains 92% natural ingredients with active ingredients such as Arnica and Mint.

Softening the skin and minimising hair growth, 79% of volunteers experienced slower regrowth.

The skincare will officially launch in May 2021 and will be available

in selected salons nationwide.

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