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ARTDECO recently launched their 'Cover and Prime' campaign, introducing five innovative new products designed to revolutionise your makeup routine and give your complexion a healthy, radiant glow. This curated collection, featuring the latest advancements in beauty technology, offers a range of solutions for priming and perfecting your skin, ensuring a flawless base for any look. From powerful primers to the fabulous Fluid Camouflage Foundation, each product is crafted to elevate your natural beauty. Plus, the packaging of each new product is made with up to 30% recycled plastic, emphasising the brand’s commitment to sustainability. Join us in celebrating this exciting milestone for ARTDECO and discover the secret to achieving and maintaining a luminous, picture-perfect finish.

Fluid Camouflage Foundation: ARTDECO’s NEW Fluid Camouflage Foundation is the ‘Star’ product of this launch, replacing the best-selling Liquid Camouflage and offering lightweight yet full coverage that doesn't feel heavy or look cakey. Its pigmented formula ensures a matte, even skin tone all day long. Its long-lasting, smudge-proof formulation comes from a blend of resins, allowing for seamless coverage of blemishes and spots for a beautifully smooth appearance.

The formula is easy to apply, blending into the skin without settling into fine lines or pores. It moves with your face, providing a comfortable wear and a natural look. Did we mention it also smells divine?

Fluid Camouflage Concealer: ARTDECO’s long-lasting Fluid Camouflage Concealer offers full coverage, effectively mattifying and hiding dark under-eye circles. Its water-resistant, smudge-proof formula effortlessly blends into the skin, minimising imperfections without feeling heavy. There’s no mask effect here! It's also extremely easy to apply thanks to the modern doe-foot applicator and its creamy texture. The inclusion of EYESERYL peptide works to reduce puffiness and dark circles, smoothing and nourishing the eye area.

Mattifying Face Primer: The Mattifying Primer gets your skin ready for makeup without feeling heavy. It hides pores and fine lines, reduces shine, and helps your makeup last longer, thanks to its hydrating yet mattifying effect. The formula is silicone-free, keeping your skin looking fresh and matte even on its own while smoothing out your skin's texture for a more even look.

This formula contains a selection of active ingredients as well as the following:

Luminous Face Primer: Elevate your skin's glow with ARTDECO’s ultra-gentle Luminous Face Primer, designed to enhance your complexion with a brilliant radiance. This primer features a weightless, silky formula for effortless, even application and rapid absorption, creating the ideal base for your foundation.

Its light-reflecting, smooth texture diminishes the look of fine lines and pores and its silicone-free composition extends makeup wear. Key ingredients include a special Peruvian Maca root extract to boost natural luminosity and visibly smooth wrinkles alongside Vitamin E for antioxidant protection.

Sun Protection Primer: ARTDECO’s Sun Protection Face Primer seamlessly integrates sun care into your beauty routine, offering a dual-purpose solution that not only primes your skin for makeup but also provides essential protection against the sun's harmful rays. With an SPF of 30, it shields your skin from UVA and UVB exposure, while its unique formula—a light, creamy emulsion infused with soothing ingredients like chamomile water, aloe vera, and marigold extract—ensures your makeup stays put from dawn till dusk. Designed for everyday use, this primer can be worn alone to enhance your natural complexion or under foundation for a flawless finish.

ARTDECO's 'Cover and Prime' launch promises a flawless, radiant complexion that celebrates your unique beauty. With innovation at its core, this collection not only sets the bar high for makeup essentials but also reinforces ARTDECO’s commitment to providing high-quality, versatile products that enhance and protect the skin. Discover your best skin yet with 'Cover and Prime' and redefine your beauty routine with products that promise to elevate your look to new heights! Who’s ready for their closeup?