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Embrace Hydra Cocooning With ARTDECO

ARTDECO’s Embrace Hydra Cocooning Collection helps to achieve inner beauty balance during the summer months. It’s hard to find time for yourself with the stresses of everyday life thus inspiring ARTDECO to create moisturizing, gentle products that require little time but give the skin some much needed TLC.

The paraben-free Colour Booster Lip Balm nourishes and enhances your natural lip colour with your personal lip pH helping the colour vary from subtle rosé to soft pink. It provides a caring combination of apricot kernel, peach kernel, grapeseed and sunflower oil as well as vitamin E. A delicate spearmint aroma revives and provides pleasant freshness, while the transparent gloss creates a fuller look to the lips.

Another new addition for summer, the Moisturizing Skin Tint with Vitamin E provides a perfect mixture of care and makeup for busy lives. The ultra-light daily creme provides a fresh and perfect tint for the skin, ideal for the sunnier, warm weather. Lines and pores are visually blended and small imperfections are perfectly concealed. The texture combines the lightness and flexibility of a gel with the comfortable feeling of a creme. The skin feels comfortably freshened while receiving some much-needed TLC.

It also contains;

• Daphne Vitasense, an extract from stem cell cultures from scented daphne, which strengthens the skin’s barrier and protects sensitive skin against colder weather

• Phytosqualane from olive oil moisturizes, smooths and softens the skin

• Its Japanese camellia extract (Camellia Japonica Leaf Extract) is rich in antioxidant flavonoids and polyphenols. It helps protect the skin against damaging influences. High-molecular weight hyaluronic acid is known for its caring and smoothing properties.

The tinted day cream is available in three shades: “Light” no. 3, “medium” no. 6, and “dark” no. 9.

To finish your summer look and to keep your complexion cool throughout the day and warm evenings, our Cool & Fresh Refreshing Spray With Coconut Water is a moisturising boost to the skin, thanks to a mix of water and nourishing coconut water. With healthy ingredients and a cooling effect, your skin will be refreshed and soothed.

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