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Email Marketing For Salons

For many, beginning with an email marketing strategy for your salon can be an unnerving task but don’t worry we have listed out top 3 tips below to help you get started!

Under current circumstances, it is important to let customers and clients know that you are still available for online consultations, online orders and click and collect services, what better way to start than pinging an email directly to their inbox?

When starting out, it would be good idea to check in with your online booking provider such as Phorest as they will be able to help you get started with emailing your customers or we find using Mailchimp to be an easy to use online tool for email communications.

Make Your Subject Line Stand Out!

If you think about how many emails you currently receive from clothing websites, news alerts etc., you probably receive quite a few! How can you help your email stand out and engage your reader to want to open your email?

The first item that they will see when receiving your email is the subject line so make sure it grabs their attention! For example, if communicating regarding Christmas Gift Sets, why not use something like “Would you like a sneak peak of our Xmas Gift Sets?”? Or if advertising your appointment availability, perhaps use something along the lines of “Limited Appointments Now Available!”.

Your subject line needs to grab their attention, inform them what your email contains and create some urgency also when possible.

Keep It Short & Sweet!

Just because your email word count allows a certain amount of characters, this is not a goal that you need to hit. When writing your content, make sure that you are answering these classic 6 questions: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY, WHEN, HOW.

WHO are you talking to?

WHAT is your email about?

WHERE can your customer get the product or service?

WHEN will it be available?

HOW can they get your offer?

Once you remember these key points, you will find it easier to write the content of your email!

Call To Action

When sending out your email, make it as easy for the customer or client to take an action from your email. Using the example of a salon, it could be to rebook an appointment or to buy a particular product or service. Make sure that it stands out, is easy to click from a desktop computer or mobile and only conveys one message (Re-book your appointment here etc.).

We hope that you found these tips beneficial and look forward to hearing how you get on with your email marketing campaigns!