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Moisturising, Replenishing, Exciting!

Something exciting is coming to Diego Dalla Palma in February….

To preserve the well-being and beauty of the skin, we know that the correct hydration is vital for all ages and for every kind of skin.

When the skin is dehydrated, it can experience cracking, premature ageing, flaking and dryness.

Thanks to the ageing process and the harmful actions of external agents and lifestyle, levels of hyaluronic acid decrease and skin loses hydration, softness and elasticity.

What can be done to prevent this? Diego Dalla Palma has the answer!


A line for all ages, both for younger and more mature skins. Powered with different nourishment and intensity levels, to meet every need.

Not just a simple moisturising line, the new range also includes an anti-ageing plumping action. Boosted with HYALU4PLUMP, experience the hydro-balancing treatment designed to quench the skin’s thirst and restore firmness to dehydrated and dry skin.


Hyaluronic acid is one of the main structural and functional elements of the skin. It is the most important component of the dermis - the deepest and supporting layer of the skin- preserving the turgidity and the firmness.

It also has an essential role in protecting the optimal level of hydration in all skin layers.

HYALU4PLUMP is a calibrated complex of 4 different types of hyaluronic acid of different sizes.

Professional Treatment

Hydration and filling for an anti-age and plumping action.

OBJECTIVE: To protect the correct hydration level of the skin; slowing down the appearance of wrinkles and signs of time; give relief and comfort to dehydrated and dry skins. To make the skin hydrated, firm, vital and young looking.

WHO IS IT FOR: From 25 years old; people who have dehydrated, dry, fragile, with a feeling of discomfort and “tightness” skin, prone to wrinkles; people who are affected by external agents (sun, wind, cold, air-conditioning. Perfect to combat the first wrinkles.

DURATION: 45 minutes (+2min for very dry skin).

Launching in mid-February 2019, contact your Chleo Enterprises representative for more information or contact Chleo Enterprises directly on 01 4080820 (IRE) /028 906 17403 (UK) or by email: .

About Diego Dalla Palma:

The dermocosmetics are the result of the latest research and innovation in the fields of dermatology and molecular biology. This skincare is truly effective, amazing quality and provides visible results which are even more rapid thanks to the cabin rituals of reharmonization. Premature ageing and skin imperfections are due to a change in cellular communication which causes poor functioning of the activity of all the skin's structures. The objective of Diego Dalla Palma professional - RVB Skinlab is to detoxify, balance the metabolism, stimulate cellular dynamsation, vitality and longevity, thanks to the 51 +3 Hyalu Complex, an exclusive RVB Skinlab registered trademark, with a multi-active bio-revitalizing action. It reintegrates the optimal level of vital elements essential for cellular communication and fights skin's imperfections on several levels. The result is rebalanced and intensely regenerated skin.