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A French, family run business: Sothys is a family business that has inherited a long tradition of quality, based on human values. Since 1966, and handed from father to son, it is the passion of the Mas family that drives the brand forward. Today, the new generation of the Mas family - brothers Christian and Frederic - oversee the company.

Nature: Les Jardins Sothys™ is a preserved setting located in Auriac in the Correze region, homeland to the Mas family, is a dedicated natural laboratory that explores the plant world and its active ingredients. It has become the main source of inspiration for Sothys research and has discovered some unique and natural active ingredients exclusive to Sothys.

Innovation and Quality: A unique scientific philosophy based on effectiveness, safety, nature and pleasure. The manufacturing of Sothys products is subject to the most rigorous quality standards applied in the Cosmetic Industry. Sothys is the creator of the Digi-Esthetique® an exclusive massage method, that will help transform your business into an unforgettable sensorial experience.

International: Sothys is now pursuing the aim it set out to achieve a few years ago: to develop its presence in the spa market. A historical presence in the most prestigious spas, hotels and beauty salons world-wide. Sothys is present in over 120 countries, with more than 15,000 beauty salons. Developing the network of partners remains the company's number one ambition.

Chleo Enterprises distributes Sothys to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland only.

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Sothys Athletics

The Sothys Athletics range just won an award at the 48th Congrès International d'Esthétique & Spa in Paris, are you looking forward to our launch here in Ireland? It’s coming soon ....

La Créme 128

Packed with exceptional active ingredients and containing the most precious secret, the appearance of skin youth. Its voluptuous and subtly perfumed texture captivates the skin through the most delicious of beauty rituals. The skin is regenerated and the vitality of young skin is restored. The skin dazzles with beauty, appears visibly younger, leaving it more beautiful than ever! This is luxury ...

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Hydra 3Ha

Skin dehydration effects over 90% of people making it the top skin concern. Sothys have created a re-focus on hydration with the arrival of 4 Newly Formulated Hydra 3Ha retail products. The products are infused with 3 different types of hyaluronic acids to work on various levels of the skin, drenching the skin with moisture.

Hyaluronic acid was at the heart of the research carried out by Sothys Advanced Research. Used in a variety of forms to optimise its benefits, hyaluronic acid thus becomes the star active ingredient of the new hydrating line Hydra 3Ha Hyaluronic Acid.

To immediately moisturize the skin and protect it day after day. 1055 Boletus Extract: An exclusive, patented active ingredient from Sothys Advanced Research. Hyaluronic acid booster. Action on the barrier function. Action on moisture flow. Pro-youthfulness action. The skin is moisturised and comfortable and the radiance and youthfulness are preserved day after day.

This creamy mask instantly envelops the skin with softness upon application. Immediately immersed in a moisturising treatment, the skin is hydrated, smoother, and rejuvenated.

Sothys Hydra 3Ha Hyaluronic Acid Intensive Hydrating Serum is a light and airy formula that will restore skins moisture. This serum will protect the epidermal layer of the skin that helps with regeneration of new skin. It also contains a botanical complex that will help improve the communication between the dermis and epidermis. It can be applied to any skin type to give it an extra boost of hydration, moisture and protection. It will restore the skins elasticity with every application, preserving the skins youthfulness and giving skin a rejuvenated feeling.

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Seasonal Treatment - SS18

Our emblematic seasonal treatment is all decked out in a new, chic ambiance that is even more delectable, and it joins the family of 100% customized body treatments! Fans of everything gourmand will now be able to indulge in a complete face and body treatment!

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We are sleeping less and less: there has a been a decline of two hours in the time we sleep over the last two generations. And yet a lack of sleep causes damage to our health, because sleep is vital for our body.

It allows the body and skin to regenerate after enduring daytime damage - “The impact of sleep on beauty is undeniable. People who sleep more than 7 hours per night appear 4 to 5 years younger than those who sleep for 5 hours.” Cleveland University.

So what did Sothys do? They developed these ....

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