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Top Of The Range

A professional wax brand for salons dedicated to top-of-the-range hair removal products, Perron Rigot brings to the world of beauty a global and unique offer anchored on a simple desire: that of comfort and care.

Our promise: experiences that are always pleasant and of impeccable quality. Perron Rigot offers you innovative and ultra-effective hair care products.

Our range of professional pre- and post-waxing care products , developed with beauty professionals, prepares and maintains the skin to optimise the results of your hair removal.

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Superior Quality

As an exceptional manufacturer, Perron Rigot products have made a name for themselves thanks to superior quality and efficiency.

Perron Rigot is recognised as the most innovative brand and waxing equipment supplies company in the hair removal sector. Inventor of stripless wax (peelable) and precursor of new generations of waxes, Perron Rigot, as a wax supplier, is the source of more than 20 patents and continues to innovate both in Rosin Free formulas and in product packaging.

Ideal for all areas of the body, Perron Rigot professional depilatory waxes without strips provide unparalleled ease of use, efficiency and profitability!

Our Pillars Of Success:






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