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Diego Dalla Palma

The dermocosmetics are the result of the latest research and innovation in the fields of dermatology and molecular biology. This skincare is truly effective, amazing quality and provides visible results which are even more rapid thanks to the cabin rituals of reharmonization. Premature ageing and skin imperfections are due to a change in cellular communication which causes poor functioning of the activity of all the skin's structures. The objective of diego dalla palma professional - RVB Skinlab is to detoxify, balance the metabolism, stimulate cellular dynamsation, vitality and longevity, thanks to the 51 +3 Hyalu Complex, an exclusive RVB Skinlab registered trademark, with a multi-active bio-revitalizing action. It reintegrates the optimal level of vital elements essential for cellular communication and fights skin's imperfections on several levels. The result is rebalanced and intensely regenerated skin.

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Youth Venom

The lethal treatment against wrinkles and the signs of ageing!

A wrinkle antidote. A marvel of beauty. An ultra potent smoothing concentrate rich in CONOTOXIN III, a brand-new patented neuropeptide that reproduces - without side effects - the formidable wrinkle relaxing action of the potent venom produced by the Conus seashell. Its extraordinary effectiveness - clinically tested - and its 3D relaxing action helps relax micro skin contractions and reduce the number, volume and depth of even the deepest and consolidated wrinkles. Its rapidly absorbing texture instantly gives a sensation of smoothness and tone.

An antidote for wrinkles. A prodigy for beauty routines. A beauty enhancing treatment. Based on a high concentration of CONOTOXIN III, a new-generation patented neuropeptide that reproduces the amazing line-relaxing effect of the conus seashell’s powerful venom, but without side effects. A sumptuous, richly-textured cream that will take you to another dimension as soon as you feel it melt into your skin, where it smooths both fine and deep wrinkles immediately.

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Icon Time

It's a cliché that sometimes the signs of ageing can be fascinating, but the truth is that all women - to some extent - dream of delaying the first signs of wrinkles for as long as possible. The age our face shows is not our chronological age. We all know that. It is our biological age, which is determined by the passing years, cellular ageing, our lifestyle and the environment we live in.

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Intensive, replenishing treatment which restores vitality and youth to the complexion in just a couple of minutes. It stimulates the production of new collagen, protecting the skin’s support structure thanks to the synergic action of the AGE DELAY Complex and no-a.g.e.s peptides. With two-layer DOUBLE SKIN POWER MASK technology for deep penetration of the active ingredients. The inner layer, which touches the skin, deposits the active ingredients, flooding the skin with 35 ml of concentrated anti-age serum. The outer layer creates a protective occlusive barrier which boosts the penetration of the active ingredients so the product works faster and deeper down.

Active “Youth Protection” treatment. A cream with a soft and light texture, an anti-age formula ideal to slow down the first signs of ageing and to treat the harmful effects caused by stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. Thanks to its Anti-InflammAging system, it fights the action of free radicals and the inflammaging, a micro-inflammatory process which is invisible but chronic and accelerates skin ageing, causing dryness, wrinkles, dark spots and loss of elasticity. Enriched with silver micro-dust which strengthens the structure of the skin’s protective barrier.

3 Stage Anti-Age treatment to effectively fight wrinkles and loss of elasticity. 3 highly concentrated anti-age oil serums. Offering visible and proven results in just 28 days.

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The Man

One day you wake up and decide who you want to be. You change the way you walk, dress, see but above all you decide the style your face will have. Shaved, mustache, long or short beard: Whatever your choice, The Man is the line that will accompany your daily ritual of the beard!

The Man is formulated to perform a perfect shave, grooming every type of beard and mustache and at the same time improving your skin by counteracting signs of ageing and boosting cell regeneration.

Transparent, highly flowing gel for accurate and gentle shaving. It reduces the risk of cuts, softens the hair and combats the reddening and irritation processes for a perfect and clean shave. Contains taurine that combats stress and skin fatigue making the skin more resistant and Siberian ginseng which is stimulating, anti-fatigue and improves resistance to physical stress. Together these work as a real energy drink for men’s skin.

Anti reddening and protective gel with soothing agents from oats. It moisturises and soothes the skin sensitized by shaving combating micro lesions and strengthening the skin barrier. A charge of energy to awaken the man's skin and combat the outbreak of the signs of aging. Contains taurine that combats stress and skin fatigue and Siberian ginseng which is stimulating, anti-fatigue and improves resistance to a physical stress. Also working as a real energy drink for men’s skin.

A 2 in 1 treatment: it not only makes the skin smoother and more elastic, but also softens a bristling and prickly beard in just one move. It absorbs easily and creates an ultra thin protective film for an overall protection against dryness, external agents and first of all aging. Skin appears more youthful and energized with more elastic and nourished texture.

Nourishes and makes the beard and mustache soft with HYDRA-OIL BLEND. Helps to keep a bristling beard in order and gives a light sensual scent of citron wood and musk to bring out the masculinity. Contains Patauà Amazon organic oil, that repairs and reinforces the structure of the beard and moisturises and increases skin’s renewal. Sweet almond oil restructures, nourishes and softens the beard and jojoba oil helps to keep the frizzy beard in order and groomed.

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The Sun Care product has always been considered a seasonal product but today this has changed. We travel more often and the destinations are more easily accessible. We have also acquired a greater awareness about the importance of protecting the skin (we protect ourselves not only on holidays, but also in the city). There are mainly 3 categories of sun care customers and the Diego Dalla Palma Suncare range covers them all.


For those who want a quick, dark and long lasting tan. Ultra-concentrated in BRONZYL, shock activator of the natural production of melanin, gives an extremely intense golden colour and a pleasant sensation of freshness and hydration. A refreshing lotion that creates a thin moisturising film on the skin.

For those who want to prepare their skin for the sun and for those who want to get tanned faster, even when the sun is not very intense. Accelerates and intensifies the natural production of melanin, allowing you to tan in less time. In addition, it encourages a brighter and long lasting colour.

For those who have difficulty tanning on their legs and other difficult areas. Ultra concentrated in BRONZYL. Its texture with micro reflective pearls gives immediate radiance to the complexion. Intensifies and speeds up the tan, for a uniform and long lasting colour. It is quickly absorbed and not greasy.


For medium-pale skins that do not want to give up a golden tan. Thanks to BRONZYL, a powerful activator of melanin, it protects the skin from sun exposure, promoting the formation of a golden and uniform colour. Ultra-sensory fluid texture that combines lightness and hydrating power with rapid absorption. It does not grease and leaves no white residues. Its slightly amber colour makes the skin immediately radiant. Also available with SPF10.

For medium-light skins that do not want to give up a golden tan. For those who want a practical and fast product, perfect also for men. Protects from sunlight and leaves skin soft, silky and hydrated. An ecological and air-compressed spray, free from pollutant gases. Thanks to its 360° degree nebulizer spray it is practical, easy and quick to use allowing a perfect application throughout the body including the most hard-to-reach areas. Light, weightless texture, which is easily absorbed.

For those who have pale and / or sensitive skin. Ideal for the whole family, including children. Perfect for those looking for a product that is easy and quick to use. Specially designed to preserve the skin's health and guarantee a complete and intelligent protection even for the most delicate skin. High in vitamin E, it counteracts redness and irritation. Formulated to reduce the risk of allergy and also suitable for sensitive skin of children. Thanks to the practical spray formulation it is easy and quick to use. It guarantees perfect distribution without leaving white residues.

For pale and reactive skin in the sun or normal skin in case of intense exposure. With its balanced and smart UVB-UVA-IR protection, enhanced with SMART PROTECTION DNA, it ensures complete protection from the sun's rays and prevents damage to the collagen, elastin and cellular DNA, counteracting the formation of wrinkles, dehydration and loss of elasticity. Non-greasy and non-sticky formulation, ensures perfect distribution without leaving white residues. Also available in SPF50 & SPF15.


For all the skins and the whole family, including children. Gives relief and hydration to sun-dried skins. It prevents dryness and desquamation thanks to the action of liquorice extract and the high nourishing power of Tahiti monoi and the flowers of water lilies and frangipani. BRONZYL intensifies and prolongs the tan. With an ultra-sensorial texture: it combines lightness and moisturising power with rapid absorption, giving the skin a pleasant sensation of freshness and well-being.

For all skin types. With DNA SMART PROTECTION, it is perfect to repair post-sun damage and protect cutaneous cell DNA. It calms redness and encourages the natural repair processes of cells attacked by the sun, thanks to the high concentration of aloe and Vitamin E. Monoi of tahiti, nourish and moisturise the skin in depth, protecting it from premature aging. A light weight and quickly absorbed texture, immediately quenches the skin on the face, leaving it soft and smooth.

For all skin types, even the dry and delicate ones. Moisturising and regenerating shower gel, specially designed to counteract the drying effects of the sun, salt and chlorine and to prolong the tan. With its formulation based on mild detergent substances without SLES and SLS, it gently cleanses, preserves the tan and leaves the skin soft and supple. Also perfect to be used back in the city to keep the golden colour. Its innovative formula, respectful of skin physiology, prevents the peeling of the skin and promotes the extension of tanning.

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