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Chleo Enterprises

Who are we?

Chleo Enterprises is a premium beauty supplier in the UK and Ireland. We are a family owned cosmetic distributor with over 30 years’ experience. We offer our clients unparalleled expertise and a thoughtfully curated selection of the most exclusive brands.

We carefully assess each and every item we stock, and we only sell products that we truly believe in. The brands that we choose to carry are those that we, throughout our decades in the field, have remained most impressed with.

What do we do?

We are the OFFICIAL wholesale distributor for some of the finest beauty brands available including the following:

Helmut Baurecht founded ARTDECO thirty years ago. For 15 years, ARTDECO has been Germany's undisputed market leader in cosmetics. And women in 78 countries around the world now use our products to emphasise their individual beauty. Inspired by a love of beauty, an innovative concept and a great vision. With the idea of offering high-quality cosmetics at an affordable price, he wanted to make beauty accessible to all women and create unparalleled products. The cornerstone of our success story was laid. Chleo Enterprises is the OFFICIAL distributor for ARTDECO in the UK and Ireland.

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Modern POP ART Design is the DNA of Misslyn and the mix of these elements makes Misslyn unique. In 2010 ARTDECO purchased Misslyn and added trendy products that served the lower price segment of the masstige market to their brand portfolio. After the relaunch, the Misslyn product range was extended beyond the core segments eyes and nails to include a comprehensive range of products that were received enthusiastically
on the global market. Misslyn offers the opportunity to appear as a competent supplier to the young, trend-aware customers being positioned as the most economic and fun-to-watch brand in the high-performing masstige market. Chleo Enterprises is the OFFICIAL distributor for Misslyn in the UK and Ireland.

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When dermocosmetics meets Italy's cult make up brand, diego dalla palma, this is a great innovation in the beauty world! Diego Dalla Palma professional transmits creativity, elegance and beauty, standing out from its competition and immediately attracting attention whilst RVB SKINLAB has been a symbol of scientific innovation for 60 years and it is the union of the two that has given rise to a brand which will make millions of consumers fall in love with it. Chleo Enterprises is the OFFICIAL distributor for Diego Dalla Palma Professional in the UK and Ireland.

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Why work with us?

At Chleo Enterprises we are proud to offer you the following:

- Personalised and attentive service

- An extensive product range

- Comprehensive training

- State of the art facilities

- Competitive pricing

- Fast Delivery

- Secure transactions

As a family business we believe in family values. We appreciate and understand the challenges that come with day to day business. We offer stability, flexibility, loyalty and quick decision making.

If you would like to enquire about stocking one of these market leading brands then please Contact Us.

We look forward to hearing from you.