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Formulation Charter


What natural products do we use?

Green chemistry: which natural active ingredients does Sothys produce itself?


Safety, sensoriality, efficiency et naturality.

In each of our innovations, we pursue the idea of responsible beauty that respects the skin and the environment.

All our formulas comply with the standards of the EU Cosmetics Regulation and even go beyond them in accordance with the strictest international regulations.

We are committed to using as many natural ingredients as possible in our new formulas.

We combine them with certain synthetic ingredients that are rigorously selected by toxicologist pharmacists, as they are also key to ensuring that all our products conform to our 4 founding principles: safety, sensoriality, efficiency and naturalness.


What synthetic ingredients do we use in our formulas?

  • - Certain fragrances
  • - Certain molecules selected for their anti-ageing efficiency in particular
  • - Preservatives, which we include in our formulas with a sensible approach to ensure that they are safe for consumers and that they are preserved properly. We restrict the number of preservatives used by the brand and minimize the level of each preservative
  • - Sun filter

How do we ensure that our formulas are well tolerated by the skin?

Before being placed on the market, all our formulas undergo numerous tests, including a cell culture evaluation, clinical tests under the supervision of dermatologists, and a safety assessment performed by an external independent toxicologist.

What ingredients do we prohibit?

We created our own list of banned ingredients. Over 500 ingredients are therefore banned from all SOTHYS formulas. Some examples:

  • - Parabens
  • - Formaldehyde
  • - Aluminium salts
  • - Non-certified palm oil

Our formulation charter

Our rigorous formulation

Ethical and environmental considerations in relation to the raw materials used:

  • - Child labour must not be involved to source any of the ingredients used
  • - If exploiting a source poses a threat to biodiversity, none of the ingredients used can come from such a source
  • - Animals must not be involved in any of the ingredients

Are our products vegan?

Yes, Sothys products can be used by vegans. The brand’s internal development charter prohibits the use of animal-origin products. In our entire product offering, only two raw materials of animal origin are used:

  • - Collagen (INCI: collagen) which is derived from co-products from the fishing industry
  • - Beeswax derivatives (INCI: synthetic beeswax)

There are now only 10 non-vegan Sothys formulas!

Do we test on animals?

No. In Europe, animal testing is banned by cosmetics regulations.

Our commitments for the future

Which ingredients are we looking to replace with alternatives in our future formulas?

  • - Silicones, which are very important in giving certain formulas their sensory qualities and perform an youth action
  • - Phenoxyethanol, a preservative
  • - Sulphates, a foaming agent
  • - BHT, an antioxidant used to prevent oils and butters from turning rancid

“Preserve the nature. In particular, Sothys invests 1% of its revenue into protecting nature through Les Jardins Sothys™ and by sustainably managing its 4-hectare site within a 26-hectare protected forest reserve.”